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    Question mathews black max 2

    i'm new to the forum and just got back in to bow shooting after 40yrs. of being away from it. does anybody have any feedback about a mathews black max 2 bow? i just got one the other day and it's a real bear to pull back. it has 70lb limbs and i've back them off 4 turns and still have a rough time getting it pulled back. my ultra max has the same poundage limbs and they are back off 3 turns and i have know problems pulling it back. i did find out one thing is that the bow string is an inch and a half longer than the specs call for. would this cause my problem. both bow have a draw length of 29.

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    Looking at the charts, it looks like there were several different cam and string options available for the BM2, make sure your looking at the correct info. mathesinc, in the FAQ of the forums, under exact ata and BH. It was a speedbow, and therefor will have a long powerstroke anyway.
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    according to the string chart that i got off of the mathews web site it should have a 92 7/8" string and a 37 3/4" cable for the bmx2-29r cam that is on the bow. the string that was on the bow was 94 1/2" long. is there other sites i should be looking into about string lenghts. i was mistaken about the draw length of my other bow. it's set at 28". would that 1" make a big differance in pulling the black max back?

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