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    Default bowtech commander 50 to 60 29 inch draw

    what would be a good setup for 3D's. I HAVEA SLIDER SIGHT WITH 4X SCOPE and or a new 5 pin fiber optic sight by truglow. I use a winn relese and have both a drop a way rest by NAP I could use and or the old wb REST...I am planning on using a 3/16 peep, d loop, kisser and a winn hook release....

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    I would prefer the drop away rest. Sight is personal preference too, but i believe you have to use fixed pins for hunter class.
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    Talking Here's what I think !

    I've always wanted to shoot a Bowtech commander , as it should work , just wonder why that company quit that type of riser system ?

    Depends on what class at the shoots you want to be in , I suggest staying with the pins , but if you own the slidder scope system , it may be more to you likeing !

    I'd get got arrows , a good rest , stabilizer system that works , pratice good form alot , and I cpould go on and on !

    Have fun and don't worry about everyone else !

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