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    Default What do you bring in your stand?

    What are your must have, can't live without things you bring with you to your stand? How about the not so obvious stuff? Little tricks you've learned over the years.

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    Ipod......helps pass away those slow periods

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    One thing I have to have is my bow holder I hate holding my bow all day

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    I have another quiver mount screwed into the side of the stand. I hate having the quiver attached once I get up.
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    I carry a piece of coat hanger about 6" long bent into a hook and eye to attatch to some small twine to incase I drop a hat or boggan ect to retrieve it with
    I also carry a screw in step in case the tree I need to get in is to big at the base I can put the stand higher up on the tree and step up to it
    these are carried in my sunmmit treestand pouches

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    2 small bow hooks, TP, grunt call, smart phone, water, chew.
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    COPENHAGEN! I always have my snuff!!! I think the deer are getting used to smelling it though and know when I'm Also, I always bring water, grunt call, and fox pee to spray in the wind to cover my scent on stand. One-2 sprays is all you need when you first arrive in the stand.

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    Talking A little known fact !

    I bring my faith in the " LORD" that he will send that " MEGA whitetail doe " my way and that at point blank range that my arrow will fly true into this large critter's vitals !

    I prey alot while in my stand as I enjoy just being there !
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    chew and a buddy
    u aint seen country yet!

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