Two hunters were walking through the mountains looking for deer. The came up on an old abandoned mine shaft that was so deep and dark that they couldn't see the bottom. One looked at the other and said "lets throw a rock and see how long it takes to hit the bottom." So they found a golf ball sized rock and threw it in but it was so deep they never heard a thing. Next they tried a softball sized stone but still too deep. Then one hunter saw an old transmission laid out in the woods near by. So together they drug this old tranny over to the pit and pushed it over the edge. While patiently awaiting the splash or crash upon impact they heard something charging up behind. Before they new what was going on, a large male billy goat came running by without hesitation, dove right off the side of the seemingly bottomless pit. The two hunters were stunned. They were so busy trying to sort out what had happened they didn't even notice the old man who had approached them from behind. When he spoke, it startled them. He asked what they were doing in front of his old mine shaft. One hunter spoke up. " We was tryn to see how deep it was when all of a sudden a goat came by running at least 60 miles an hour and dove in head first." The old farmer scratched his head and said. "That can't be, I left him over there chained to an old transmission."