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Gidday Midday

And LC if you decide to give money away let me know, I got a charity you can donate too.

It's call "Please help the starving, slightly pot bellied, cold and wind burnt michigan men who are out of beer fund"

Totally tax deductable as long as you pay with cash
I'll send those pesty Jehovah Witnesses over to your place , as the last time they were at my home I wanted to brake out my Bible ( that I don't have ) and wanted to compare with their BS one !

Heck I just thought and did this , winked at the prettiest one ( none as beautiful as MIL ) as they usually are all women anyway and said " honey why don't you come on inside with me , while you friends stay waiting here at the door and pray " .

It works everytime , as they seem to leave than , as no doubt they all wanted to take me on as a group !

It's known as divide and conquer , was in chapter 11 of my home study course , and works everytime for yours trully ! brother