I'm interested in learning about archery as a hobby. I used to target shoot with pistols, but it lost it's appeal. I am interested in the physical aspects of archery- breathing, concetration, etc. I think it's almost meditative.
I've got one gun left- a nice old Mossberg 500 that I'm seriously considering trading in at the local pawn shop for one of the bows I saw there. BUT, they only have compound bows.
If I tried to start with that, would I hate life?
What do beginnners typically start with?
What are the merits of Recurve vs other types?
What kind of things should I look for in buying a bow?
I'm 6'4", have long reach and pretty strong. What's a good weight to work with? What about strings & arrows? Cost, durability, etc.
There's an archery range that I'm probably going to go check out on Saturday and ask questions, but I want to get as many sources of info as possible.
I'm open to any advice.