Ok I know we are a bit behind so get Ahold of me Today, we did not Want to post till we were ready !!

The NEW Wicked1Archery is looking for Staff Shooters for Wicked1Strings

We are doing things a bit differently this year we are only taking 10 shooters
half field/hunting staff and half Tournament/target Shooters! So Contact me today and we can visit if you want to continue then I will email you an app you can then fill it out and sign/electronic signature back to me !
A cost yes there is a cost of $60 dollars but for this You will get a set of strings and a shirt/bumperstickers and many more that you will find out when you talk to me! So we hope to work with you this year and lets see your bows wicked side !

Ryan Rafferty
701-290-3038 calls between 7 am and 7pm (Mountain time)