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    Default Curve of bow I need help

    I just got into traditional bowing. I bought a used bow years ago, and bought a new recently. I notice when the new one arrived that one end of the bow had a faster curve to it than the other end. I than match it to the old bow and seen the same thing. Since I am just getting into it, is this a problem I have to worry about, or a common thing?

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    if the limbs are the same length it is a problem. the bow may shoot fine anyway though. usually that is caused when a bow is left standing in a corner for a long time. string the bow and measure from the rest to the end of the limbs. each should measure the same. note you are measuring a strait line not along the curvature of the limbs. if they are the same length you should be fine if not sometimes just a nock adjustment will do the trick.

    best of luck.

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    i think there is a problem. Both limbs should have about the same arc. it surely should'nt be noticleable by eye.
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