Went to my first shoot in 5 years. Very Nice Shooting range. The Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all helpful. 30 targets one arrow per target. My score wasn't even 5 points per target. I ended up with a 132. I had 2 scores of 10. No 12's at all. My son and his friend went with us and shot also. They did not break a hundred for there score. We had FUN, met some new people and really enjoyed our selves. Looking forward to doing a lot more practice so I can break 150, then 175, then my ultimate goal which is 200. I know that I need lots, and lots of practice and maybe some guidance from the DVD's entitled Masters of the Bare Bow. Which I will buy my next paycheck!
If you are in the area next month please come on out. You will have a Great Shoot.

Respectfully, Rickey