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    anybody know why the new rules for 2012 for outdoor Fita rounds change for compounds. We no longer shoot 90, 70, 30 meters only 4 rounds at 50 meters.They want to eliminate compounds? I think Not

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    One thing is that it's no longer FITA. They changed the name to World Archery. Same stuff, different name.

    You are probably right about trying to push out the compounds. Worldwide, there are more recurve archers in tournements that compounds. Obviously it's a different story here in the US.

    I think that they realize that if compound bows are ever allowed in the Olympics, the US would dominate like we did in basketball for so many years.

    All we can do is continue to dominate.


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    That isn't new for 2012.....

    During Olympic years they only shoot the one distance usually. It's just 50m instead of 70m now like it was in the past. It's been 50 for two or three years now. They aren't trying to get rid of it they are trying to make it it's own event. They used to complain that recurve and compound wasnt different enough so they didn't need to add compound. So they made it 50m.

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