One doz 3-39s for sale. They are 26 5/8" (shaft only), 5 of them have PDP inserts the rest have 100 grain nibs, I will send enough nibs for the doz also half some halfouts for them. They have Bohning F nocks in them and I will send the extra nocks I have for them also.

They are basically brand new. I bought them to hunt with and only went once and none have been shot at anything but targets sighting in my bow. They have not been banged up at all as I only shot them a few times. The vanes and wraps need to be replaced on some of them a my Spider Web target sucks and they sunk to the nock. But the arrows are perfect other then that. I can take the wraps and vanes off if you need me too before I send them.

$120 TYD

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