Hello from middle tennessee. My daughter asked me a few days ago about trying out archery and i said i would try to find a good used bow. Ok i was at a pawn shop yesterday and ran across a High Country supreme. I have found out it is a older model. Everything seems ok so i bought it.. When we got it home i found out she cant draw it back. So i found out i can adj some of the tesion but it is not enough. It is a nice bow and i will probely keep it and try useing it for myself but i cant figuar out what size arrows to use for it.. also i need to find a bow that is not exspensive but not walmart junk eather. My daughter is 13 years old and she is tall for her size about 5ft 3 or so.. any ideas on what kind of bow to get??? Also i have tried to find info on this bow and i cant find anything on this model.. I know High country are a good brand of bows i have heard of them and u use to work right down the road from them.. But i cant find any info on this bow and the serial nimber sticker is worn off.. Any help would be very helpfull... Thanks