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    Default 2012 ASA Louisiana Pro/Am

    Just wanted to say that the wife and I are just back from the 2012 ASA Louisiana Pro/Am and have to say it was a blast, a bit overwhelming to us at first, as this was our first ever archery tournament and we were only spectator's.
    Met a quite a few nice men and women archer's both pro and non pro that were willing to take the time to talk with us on their own accord.
    We took the time to watch the pro's in action and got to meet Levi Morgan, an Andrea Nicholson who approached us and took time of her own accord to speak with my wife and myself for quite some length.
    All in all it was quite fun and we will be heading to Ala as well as the Real Tree competition, to say we are hooked is an understatement.
    Wherever we go, there we are.

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    Andrea is a class act to say the least and a pretty darn good shooter.

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    I shot the tournament and live in the west Monroe area as well. Shooting 3 D tournaments is very addictive and fun. Glad to have you aboard!!!

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