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    Default Blackhawk field archers shoot

    We went to blackhawk field archers this weekend. The shoot was pretty good. However, we got behind a group of 10 and they slowed things up pretty good.

    Some of the targets were beyond 50 yards. I thought 50 was the max. Many of the targets were so shot up that you could not tell if you hit a 12 or not. The layout of the course was good but some of the targets were horrible. The club should addess this problem. A few shooters said they would not be back.


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    The shoot at Blackhawk Field Archers in Rockton, IL. This past weekend (4-16/4-17) was not a MAC Qualifier. Some shooters confused the shoot in Rockton with the MAC shoot in Verona, WI.

    We had 5 targets that were missing the 12 ring, this common in most Archery Club's club shoots. As with any club we would love to be able to put brand new targets out (or slightly used) at each shoot. Unfortunately as with most clubs this is impossible to do.

    We do not have any max yardages on our club shoots. However we also do not try to discourage shooters that are there to have fun. We had an Elk at 52 yards from the Red Stake and the Buffalo at 56 yards. The yardage was compatible with the target size.

    As for the group of 10 you were stuck behind, archery edict is
    "You request to shoot through and the group should let you,
    most of the time they should offer first.".
    We do not allow groups of more then 6. If we had of known we would have split the group up. Did you bring this to any officer’s attention? If so they should have addressed your concerns immediately.

    We will be using all of our New targets (or slightly used targets) at our next two shoots. Our MAC Qualifier in May and our IBO State Championship in June. Which will have 12 rings on all of them. We sincerely hope that you will come back and shoot with us again.

    Thank you
    Brenda Lee
    Tournament Director
    Blackhawk Field Archers

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    Thanks for posting an update on the shoot. It's nice to see the clubs taking a pro-active approach.

    I was at the shoot also. I thought it was a good shoot. Good mix of long and short shots. I agree that some of the targets need to be replaced or at least new centers. The LONG shots surprised me but it was fun.

    The 4 yard coon was a good one. I bet a lot of people thought that was an easy 12, not if you don't know where to hold or what yardage to use.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    One more thing. I understand you will be hosting a Field tournament. Make sure you post something on the forum regarding that shoot.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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