I was wondering if anybody can help me. I shoot a Omen Pro @ 28.5 dl #70 dw and 100 gr tips, what would the proper spine need to be? I currently shoot Easton ACC Pro Hunting 300 cut to 26.75 inches. It stills seems to be too soft as i always get a left tear. What bothers me is the fact that I can see that the arrows fish-tail out to about 15 yds(the arrows are all slanted to the left in the target to that distance). Any distance after that the 4 NAP Speed Hunter are able to correct and control the flight. Groups are all great out to 90 yds but the first 15 yds really concern me. I have tuned many bows with great success and have always been able to get bullet holes. I could lower the draw weight or switch to a heavier arrow but I like the bow as it is.