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    Default uni bushing/ pin bushing

    Do they protect the arrow from damage outside of simply shielding it from a direct hit?
    Essentially do they make the end of the arrow stronger?

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    Uni bushings are a great arrow saver. I have some that look like they were hit 20 times or more (judging from the amout of small dents on them). I would like to think that some of those dents represent an arrow that got to fly another day. Some of the dents will deform the nock hole and have to be replaced/repaired but that is a small price to pay. As far as "making the arrow stronger" ....possibly a little but I think of them more as a deflector than a strengthener.

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    I like pin knocks, I think they saved me a bunch of arrows.

    at a price......

    The pin knocks don't last very long intil they break or they fit loose on the pin and need to be replaced.

    I have also noticed from indoor season if your pin gets a dent in it, even a small ding from another arrow, change the pin. It won't fly with the rest of your arrows.

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