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    Default Anyone seen any Foxes Lately

    This was posted by Macka on the Australian Bow Hunting Site,he's a profesional roo hunter and this is the level where these little Buggers are now at in Oz!!!We shoot about 1-2 aweek on average ourselves but sometimes as they say a piture paints a 1000 wordsAnyone else big on fox hunting????
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    Over here on this side of the world I see them once a week. we have such a over population problem where I live that most of the ground birds are gone. what is amazing to me is how similar your fox are to our fox. put that picture in a dense hard wood forest and that could be in my back yard. here in the 80s we could get paid $75 per fox but not anymore and we don't eat them so most of us just leave them alone. but If I keep seeing the #s go up the way they have been in the last 5 years I will most likely get a fur takers tag and start trapping them. I just can't stand to kill things that are not a nuisance and I have no intent to eat.

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