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    Default fuel cam tuning question

    my question is my control cable was pretty much hitting the post that it attaches to. so i let out 4 twists on the control cable and then the same on the buss cable 3 loops. after that the draw stops were off a little the top was hitting before the bottom. i think i took 2 twists out of the buss cable then and now the draw stops are perfect. i aslo took 3 twists out of the string on each end. i just went out and chronod it and now im gettin 297 fps i was getting 308. now the sun is setting, could i be getting bad readings or can you take to many twists out of the string and lose speed? oh yeah and bh and ata is spot on.

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    Did you check your draw weight after all the twisting?

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    problem is, when you take twists out , you will loose draw weight and will also loose speed. I'll almost bet the axle to axle and brace height is way off also
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