RH Bowmadness xl camo with black limbs 40-50,set of camo limbs 60-70, 30" target stabilizer with 12" back bars and 5 weights, 7" limb saver camo stabilizer, Flambeau hardcase, Trophy Taker rest, Specalty hooded peep sight w/blue clerifier. Lighted 3 pin sword 3rd axis w/ extra sets of .010 pins. 6 X7 Eclipse w/ blue fletching. 6 gt xxx w/feathers 5 not compleaded but feathers for them goes with, 6 gt xxx matched weight Duravaines and pins, 9 X-Cutters matched weight w/Duravains and super nocks, 2 GT X-Cutters not matched. Xtra Duravains pins and nocks for these arrows. All are for 29" draw. firm price $775 tyd.