Hey Friends, my name is Erik Sullens, I am one of the guys who helps run The South Central High School Archery Club, Forbes State Park, Kinmundy, IL.

My question is simple, if this was to happen, would you come and take your best shot?

1 class: Open Entry fee $50.00

1st place prize $1000.00

2nd place $500.00

3rd place $250.00

I want your honest opinions. Do you think we could get 50 + shooters to come and play? We would need at least 50 shooters to make this happen. If we could get more maybe we could even pay down a few more slots.

Would it bother you if you shoot against some pros and semi pros? I myself would love to see where I stand against them. This would be a chance to maybe even shoot in the same group as them, just like your a pro on the national circuit.

This would be a one day deal. You wouldn't have to waste the entire weekend away on it but we have a great campground close by if you do want to make a weekend out of it.

With guaranteed money on the line we would need to have some type of pre entry where it would be $25.00 sent in advance and the other $25.00 paid at the shoot.

Would you want a speed limit? Would you want to shoot center 12 or low 12?

Again the main question I have is would you play???

Check us out @ www.southcentralarchery.com or LIKE us on Facebook South Central Archery Club


Erik Sullens