Here are a couple of modifications you can do which I think can give you an edge, as it did for me. I use a peep eliminator and think that it is a good product, but I have always thought that the V is too large for an accurate shot. I did this little mod. which made a huge difference for me.

By shaving off the left side of the "V" I was able to line up the vertical pins on my Trophy Ridge sight with the yellow dot on the peep eliminator (see video). It gives me a better view and more accurate alignment.

The Dovetail on the Trophy Ridge sight is quite long which gives me a decent distance between the front and back sight. You can see it in action on youtube at the link below. The view is clearer and the pins can be aligned with greater precision than before. You can see it in action by clicking on the first link below.

The second modification (shown in the second link) gave me the biggest boost in consistancy I have ever gotten with any mod. in my tinkering around.

Let me know what you think or if you have a similar set-up.