Today i had the pleasure of taking my new Hoyt Element out for it's first test run and well all i can say is ""Bugger
this would have to be the nicest and sweetest bow to draw and shoot,thankyou Mr Hoyt!!!!Wilko why did you ever let it go?????That PSE must be magic like my pencil.Learned the hardway the hoyt have a offset for QAD HDx drop aways unlike Mathews bows,once that was sorted we were underway!!!Paper Tuned it and now have it sighted out to 50 meters thats 60 yards for you guys!!!! this thing is supose to be my hunting bow with 440 grain arrows but the way it shoots might not need the Vector turbo after all!!!! Well Gator and Carpshooter here I am eating my WORDS and having to say " I was Mistaken and you were closer to the truth than me,Hoyt Bloody Great Bows" Thanks Again Mr Hoyt I think I just creame my jeans