Yesterday I was shooting on Good friday with a few mates and doing a round when we came to the 12th target @ 35 meters\38yards!!! I shot next was Dennis and then old skool(pete)!!!Old School then Robinhooded Dennis arrow much to my delight and the sneers of Dennis we all thought this was a great laugh except Dennis of course.We finished the round and had a few laughs and drinks and set out to do the back 20 targets,well bugger me dead if at 19 Old Skool wasn't up to his old tricks again Tim then Dennis then Pete and Bugger me ,another Robinhood at 30meters\33yards.Has this ever happened to you ???? Here's the funny bit this is Old Skools Bow
Looks like there's hope for you yet Carppy
What a great day that was ,please note we have the photos to prove this but there still on Dennis phone ,will post A.S.A.P

Cheers Westy