Come to Cinnamon Creek Ranch, The Ultimate In Archery beginning April 1st and take on our Hunger Games Challenge course for a chance to win a complete recurve bow setup. This would include a recurve bow, a dozen carbon arrows, arrow quiver and shooters glove. Course will consist of ten 3-D targets total with two small balloons or target dots on each target. You are allowed to compete more than once, you will just have to pay the entry fee to shoot again. At the end of the challenge on April 29th 2012, the person with the highest score in their age group will win the bow package. In the event of a tie there will be a shoot off to break the tie and declare a winner.

Classes and shoot fees
11 and under, $20 Pre-Tributes (shoot from 10 yards)
12 to 18, $30 Tributes (shoot from 15 yards)
19+ adults, $40 Adult Tributes (shoot from 20 yards)
Competition/Modern Recurves $40 (shoot from 20 yards)
Compound Hunting or Competition $40 (shoot from 20 yards)


1. The course will be shot with only Mini-Genesis, Genesis, longbow & recurve style equipment in the Pre-Tributes, Tributes & Adult Tributes classes. No crossbows, but competition recurves & compound bows will be allowed. Shooters can use their own equipment if not, Cinnamon Creek will supply the traditional equipment to the shooter for the challenge.
2. Arrows can be wood, carbon fiber or aluminum.
3. Field target points only, no broadheads.
4. 11 & under will shoot from 10 yards
5. 12 18 will shoot from 15 yards
6. 19 + adults will shoot from 20 yards
7. Competition Recurves & all Compounds shoot from 20 yards
8. A Range Marshall will accompany the shooter to the range to keep score
9. Only two arrows per target, re-shoots will not be allowed
10. Arrows cannot be removed until the Range Marshall calls the score.
11. Once the score is called, it can not be changed.
12. The shooter, parent or guardian will sign off on the final score.
13. The Range Marshall will turn in the score card to be logged
14. If they shooter wishes to try again to raise their score. They must pay another entry fee and make another attempt.


1. There will be a total of ten 3-D targets, one per each shooting lane of ten total lanes on the ZOO Outdoor 3-D course committed to the challenge.
2. Only two arrows allowed to be shot per 3-D target , one for each balloon on the target for the "Tribute" classes, one for each target dot in the competition recurve & compound classes. With the exception of target 10 which will have an additional scoring area on the mouth of the hog target worth 25 points.
3. Each 3-D target will have two balloons, one placed over the eye of the target and the other on the vital area for the "Tribute" classes, target dots for the competition recurve & compound classes.
4. The balloon must be popped, ruptured or burst to be counted for score.The arrow must be contacting the target dots.
5. The balloon/target dots over the eye is worth 15 points, the balloon over the vitals is worth 10 points.
6. If the balloon is not eliminated or the arrow not touching the target dot, an arrow in the 3-D target will be worth 5 points. A complete miss will be 0 (no) points.
7. Maximum amount of points that could be accumulated from a perfect score is 275 for popping all 20 balloons, or hitting all the target dots on the ten 3-D targets.
8. Once the challenge period is completed on the end of business April 29th 2012. The archer with the highest score in their respective class will be declared the winner of the bow package. Top running top ten scores will be posted on the Cinnamon Creek website & Facebook page.
9. The winners will be contacted by Cinnamon Creek Ranch, the results will also be posted on the Cinnamon Creek Ranch website & Facebook page along with photos.