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    Default PSE Nova with some goodies

    I have a 3 year old PSE Nova. It is in great condition. It comes with:
    New limb-saver vibration dampeners on the limbs
    Carolina Archery Products Whisker biscuit rest
    True-Fire release
    3 arrows (no tips)
    soft case
    Peep sight
    fiber optic sights (3 pins sighted in to 40 yards. 1st pin is sighted in at 10 and 20 yards)
    The string is in good shape and is freshly waxed.
    The limbs are in fantastic shape with no cracking or wear what-so-ever.

    The bow shoots great. This would make a great beginner bow or one for someone who has been hunting a while. Right now it is set at 68# but can be adjusted from 50#-70#. It is set at 28" draw and is adjustable. It has 70% EFF Let-Off and 65% actual Let-Off It is a RH bow. Might as well buy it now so someone could get used to it by next season. $225
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    Is it a wheel bow r cam i dont know much about bows does it go to 30 draw length email

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