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Thread: new to the site

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    Default new to the site

    hi guys im new the site and i have a question just got in to bow hunting this past year . when u i shoot my bow its silence most of the time but once in awhile i get like a bong sound hard to explain with some vibration. is it me not being consistent form or is this the bow . i'am shooting a rampage xt, 65 lbs hha sights, 418 gr arrows, 29in draw. its got string stop, limsaver and i think there called leaches on the strings. is there anything else i can do to quite it down more . thanks for any info .

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    to 3d shoots.

    First thing I would look at is the string stopper, they will cause some noise if spacing isn't right. Should be just able to fit a credit card between the string and stopper. Next take a real close look at the bow and see if anything is starting to loosen up. Witha loose grip on the bow, start at the top of the bow and start hitting it with the palm of your hand and work your way down, if there is something loose or vibrating that will help pin point the problem.

    Let us know what you find.

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