Looks like we're looking at some awesome weather for the weekend. These cool comfortable temps will soon be a thing of the past until fall. We have prepared a very nice course for everyone and will include a 10 target known distance novelty shoot with 50% payback (split 60/40) in each class to 1st and 2nd places. We have acquired lots of door prizes and hope to see everyone out. Since it's a trail shoot (25-targets), for those who may not know, in order to participate in the Trail Shoot you must be a BHA member and the youth must provide a birth certificate within 48 hours if you place. You do not, however, have to be a BHA member to participate in just the local shoot, but we do encourage everyone to come join BHA.

The fee will be $15 for the local BHA shoot or $35 if you wish to participate in the Trail Shoot. The known distance course will be $10. We will have concessions available for purchase as well. We have been very fortunate in these last years to have the full support of our local shooters as well as our BHA brothers and sisters. Thanks again to all that have come out and supported the Morgan County Chapter of BHA and helped keep BHA thriving throughout the State.

The range is located at approx. 1380 Thompson Road NE - Decatur, AL 35603. If you need further info., please visit our website - www.morgancountyarchery.com or feel free to contact me at 256.353.5490 office or 256.318.9006 cell.


Clete Blankenship - MCAA President