I'm looking to get into archery with my fiancee, she is scared of guns so I can't take her out shooting with me. I've been doing a lot of research and I think we want to start off with a Samick Sage Recurve bow, have seen lots of great reviews on them and for the price point it sounds like its a nicer bow than it costs.

I was looking at a 30-35# draw weight for her/us (but depends on who has what in-stock when I go to place the order), with the plans of getting an extra set of limbs in the 40-45# range for myself to work up to once I get my form down.

I have already found that I should add a Fast Flight Flemish string to it to really improve the bow. I'll probably get a bow stringer too even though I learned how to string my own bows in the boy scouts when I was younger (currently 26).

Now, the thing that kills me is that I live in the desert in the middle of nowhere really, about 2hrs to a big city and from what I can tell neither really have an archery shop. So I'm limited to purchasing things online. And as you all know, the internet is the endless abyss where knowledge pools together and becomes impossible to sort through.

Currently I'm stuck on arrows. Arrows are a whole heck of a lot more complicated than ammo. I've been doing research on arrow selecting for bows during this work shift (I work 4 nights, and sleep during the days in the dorms on-site), and I feel so overwhelmed its like I'm looking at buying my very first 22lr rifle and all of the reloading components to make my ammo because I can't just buy it.

Does anyone have tips on great all around arrows to start with? I'm looking at the 3Rivers Hunters Arrows Test Kit that includes 8 arrows of 4 different spines. But after I narrow down what length arrow and spine I need, do I have to buy a jig for fletching the arrows? Or repairing them? How strong are the pre-fletched arrows that you can buy online, like in basic target practice will the fletches fall off regularly or does it only happen once every couple of months.

Now that its getting to be summertime, our nights are a lot shorter and I have a lot more time during the day to hang out. A coworker told me about a local spot he goes to (we work in a National Forest) for some target practice, and I thought if I had a bow I wouldn't have to worry about always running out of ammo. So I'll basically be able to practice for a couple of hours, 3-4 days in a row, and then only in my freetime when my Fiancee isn't having me do projects around the house (which lets be honest here, I have no free time! ).

Anyways, thanks for any help you all can give me, I'm doing all of the research for her too and would be teaching her as much as I learn but I didn't think it would be this complicated.