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    Default Help with arrows

    Well I've been looking to get into hunting for a while. After debating wether I should get a gun or a bow, I got a bow, just because it seems like it would be more of a challenge. Plus there's an indoor archery range about 3 blocks from my house. I bought a Bear Outbreak, 70 lb for my first bow. The dude sold me some arrows, but I never really bothered to ask him anything about the arrows. After doing a little research I've now found out there is a lot more to arrows than I thought.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a quick run down on the arrows. I know the names of the different parts of the arrows and thats about it. If Im currently shooting 60 LBs on my bow @ 29" draw, then what arrow length/weight should i shoot? And how do I figure these things out myself?

    Also, what does "Dia .300": Spine .487"" mean, and how do I figure those things out as well?

    The current arrows I have are easton carbon powerflights. It says 400 8.4gpi on the side.

    1 more thing is how do I know what kind of cams I have on my bow? Hard, medium, soft?
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