Hey everyone!
So I decided I wanted to get in to shooting a longbow. I found the one I wanted, bought it and some arrows and a forearm protector.

What I failed to research first, however, were the local laws regarding shooting a bow in my backyard lol.

The code says I can't shoot anything with a metal tip (I got in contact with the city police to verify), but so long as it doesn't have one, I'm good.

I've searched high and low for either rubber or nylon tips that aren't the "thumper" type blunts, but haven't turned up anything. Ideally I want something that is just like a standard target tip (that's the slightly pointy, rounded one, right?), only not metal, so I can shoot it into a giant TV box I've stuffed tight with loads of extra cardboard.

Do these exist?

Thanks in advance! I hope to spend a lot of time here =)