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    Default Stabilzers for 3D!!!!!

    Thanks very much for all your input to my scope problems and have deciced to go with a 4x scope with a .010 pin in green!!!!What about Stabilizers any ideas as I know buy everything off online stores so as much info would be a great help as I have Everythings been up to 12" till now
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    Does this mean you are going to shoot open class Westy?
    If so, the sky is the limit really. General school of thought would be around 30 inch (give or take) front rod with a 12 to 15 off the side.
    Just as example, my front bar is 30 with 4 oz and a rubber doinker on it. I also have it mounted on a 10 degree down QD. Currently don't have a side bar as I sold the one I had. If and when I get a new target bow I will probably run a 15 incher off the side with about 12 oz or so.

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    Personal I like a front bar around 30" and side bars around 12". I use two back bars just because I like the feel of two compaired to one.

    What brand? I use B-stinger but I'm sure the Donkers are just as good, just like real life the stiffer the better. and don't forget to buy some extra weights to hang off the ends.

    If I had my money to spend all over again I would take a long look at the Fuse stabilizers. they just might be the cats meow on a windy day.

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    Default Lite Hawk Stabs

    hey westy Look up Robin hood videos on google and get coach bernie to set you up with some Stabs He set up my Apex 7 over the phone and the balance is unbelievable

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    i use deadcenter deadsteady 28 and 9 inch and a 8 inch shrewd on my right hand on my c4 and a 28 inch cartel on my pse 3d mojo with a single side bar. there are many different set ups my advice is to ask someone that shoots a similar bow and see what they shoot, its cheaper to ask questions and then buy.

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    33" B-Stinger.... A 30" will work fine as will a longer or shorter bar. But the idea is to get the weight as far away as possible. You want something stiff and the stiffer the better. They have a Competitor line which is much cheaper then the premier line and will be more then adequate.

    A Doinker would be my next choice...Bernie's stuff simply doesn't compare....PERIOD.

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    I'd definately go with a 30" B-stinger or Doinker out front and either 12"-15" off the side with the appropriate weights.

    AEs seem to be liking less weight in front and the side weight close in and low, so the longer side bar might be the way to go if you don't want to start drillin on your new riser....

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    beyond 12" , most anything is pretty good except for specialty archerys super stix which are pretty much junk, and theyre peeps are so good, go figure
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