Well as you all know Westy's long awaited Turbo Vector Came on Friday and with joy and Pleasure straped on the 5Pin spot hogg and 11.5" fuse stabilizer and spent Sunday sighting it in and basiclly enjoying it!!!With one of the Biggest 3D comps on this weekend Westy took this morning off to have a sneaky shoot and tune the thing in perfect!!!What a pleasure to shoot although the 6" brace height is a little bit of a Bitch as it Wrist slaps you if you muck it up just even thre slightest bit,but all was going great and fast WoW we it motors this Hoyt Bow!!! I felt good and it felt good 3" groups at 50 yards and I was in love,AND THATS WHEN IT HAPPENED!!! The grub screws that holds the module on to the cam decided it didn't like where it lived and not slowly but in a rush moved out,at this point I released the bow and whack whats that sound yep the screw smashed the lower left limb and the party was over!!!!!Needless to say I'm now looking for a set of limbs for a Hoyt Turbo Vector as this bow was second hand and 8 weeks old!!!If it was raining Virgins I'd probally get a Gay!!! Looks like i'll be shooting a Carbon element this weekend,could be worse I could be staying at home LOL