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    Default Bear Encounter 2012 For Sale

    I have a Bear Encounter 2012 that I would like to sell. I purchased it in early February 2012 as an entry level bow to see if I would like to really get into archery. Turns out that I love shooting and I'm determined to upgrade a bit to a faster & longer ATA bow. When originally purchased it came as a RTH package, and I have all the components that it came with (rest, sight, quiver, and stabilizer), plus I added a QAD Ultra-Hunter rest, but still have the original whisker-biscuit, and added a couple limb savers to the limbs to quiet it down a bit. I also, added a couple more pins to the Trophy-Ridge punisher site the bow came with.

    The bow is three months old and has had about 400-450ish arrows ran through it. I recently put brand-spanking-new never-been-used limbs on it as the paint on the originals was chipping - so, bear just sent me new limbs. Please see the bow specs below:

    IBO Speed Rating: 310 FPS
    Axle-to-Axle Length: 30-1/2"
    Mass Weight: 3.7 lbs
    Let Off: 80%
    Brace Height: 7-3/4"
    Set Draw Length: 29"
    Draw Length Range: 27" to 32"
    Draw Length Modules Included: Yes
    Cam Type: Single Cam
    Riser Material: Aluminum
    Finish: Realtree APG Camo
    Max Draw Weight: 70#

    The bow is fun to shoot and would have no problem getting the job done on any hunt. I was able to shoot 5-6 inch groups out at 60 yards with this bow fairly consistently. I chronographed the bow at it's max draw weight (70#) and length (32 inches) and it will spank a 400 grain arrow at 297 fps. This would be a solid back-up bow for the diehard archery hunter or even an entry level bow.

    My asking price is $360, and that comes with the Plano hard-shell case I plan to ship it in (a $40 value), with no shipping costs added (another $30-ish value).

    If interested you can contact me via email at

    I have photos too, just not sure how to post them on this thread, but will email them upon request.

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