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    Default muscle memory or string stretch

    Ever have a bow feel like the holding weight increased or the valley shortened over time? Or is it just muscle memory playing tricks on you (like so accustomed to the bow, that you draw with less focus?)

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    could be either, smart money would be on string/cable stretch. press take off rigging re twist to spec and re install, tweak control cable if a hybrid and re press if needed.
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    I'm in the camp of muscle memory at fault.

    Unless you have a old or brand new string most strings these days are solid.

    Once I get my draw length correct and perfect I always take a old or junk arrow put it on the bow and draw it back, have someone with a marker carefully mark the arrow where it contacts the rest at full draw. When your having one of those days when your draw length feels off put that arrow on and draw it back. If the mark lines up with the rest then you know you have changed and it's time to really look at your anchor points and the way you draw the bow. Quick and easy.

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    thanks for info.
    I am going to try it both ways...and from now on I need to keep better track!

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