I have sent two email in a request for help with 3D shoots.com and have had no replys so far?? Our club name (King Archers/Chain O'Lakes Conservation Club) suddenly received some back slashes, our club website link is now missing, as are my phone number and email address. Our club held a 3 day shoot over memorial day week end. I was told by shooters that our 3rd day (Monday) was no longer listed? Thats when we found out we had a problem that the system will not alow us to fix for ourselves. Once the back slashes in the club name are removed, I think we will be ok and will be able to enter the rest for ourselves. Can someone out there tell who evers is in charge of 3D Shoots.com to contact me. My email address is cfbailey@charter.net. I need to know if anyone is working on this problem.