ASA Western Region Shoot-Out June 15, 16, & 17
at Cinnamon Creek Ranch

The ASA Western Region Shoot-Out is a new event that was created by Texas ASA State Directors Mike and Tracy Smith with the help of the ASA Pro/Am staff. This event will be hosted by Cinnamon Creek Ranch in Roanoke, Texas. The Western Region Shoot-Out is open to all ASA shooters from all regions of the country. This event will include two 3D rounds, a DAIR 380 Indoor competition, a long shot competition, two 10 target animal practice ranges, a bag target practice range and other fun archery events.

3D Competition:

Two rounds of 20 targets each. There will be two shotguns starts on Saturday at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm for your convenience. On Sunday all shooters will shoot at 8:00 am. Awards at approximately 1:00 pm on Sunday. Cash Paybacks based on ASA Pro/Am payback schedule for all adult and young adult classes. Non cash awards for Youth and Eagle classes. We will have 5 twenty target ranges with all McKenzie targets.

3-D Competition Entry Fees:

Open Pro $150.00
Sr. Pro $150.00
Women’s Pro $150.00

Semi Pro $75.00
K-50 $75.00

K-45 $50.00
Open A $50.00
Open B $50.00
Sr. Open $50.00
Unlimited $40.00
Limited $50.00
Women’s Open A $50.00
Open C $40.00
Super Senior $40.00
Sr. Masters $40.00
Hunter $40.00
Women’s Open B $40.00
Women’s Known $40.00
Women’s Senior $40.00
Crossbow $40.00
Bow Novice $30.00
Women’s Hunter $30.00
Young Adult $30.00
Traditional $30.00
Young Adult Pins $30.00
Youth Boys $15.00
Youth Girls $15.00
Youth Pins $15.00
Sr. Eagle $5.00
Eagle $5.00
Sr. Eagle $5.00

DAIR 380:

Cinnamon Creek Ranch has a huge air conditioned indoor range that will host the Delta ASA Indoor game.

Competition will open Friday at noon and all rounds will be completed Saturday evening. Indoor range will be open until 9:00pm on Friday and Saturday. All competitors will have an opportunity to shoot the DAIR 380round. Entry fee is $10 per round for all Adult and Young Adult classes. $5.00 entry fee for Youth and Eagle classes. Shooters may shoot additional rounds to better their score. Cash pay backs for Adult and Young Adult classes non cash awards for Youth and Eagle classes. There will be an award for highest combined over all score of DAIR 380 & 3-D for each class.

Long Shot Competition:

We are going to have some really incredible prizes in the long shot competiion. More details coming soon !!!!!

All registered shooters will qualify for their home state championship AND shooters from other states will qualify for the Texas ASA State Championship by shooting this event.

For more information or to pre-register go to:

or call: (817) 439-8998

Cinnamon Creek Ranch
13794 Old Denton Road
Roanoke, TX 76262

Just got this tremendous update!

A chance to win a brand new GMC 4x4 1/2 ton truck and $15,000 cash in a raffle drawing. Winner of the lucky raffle ticket will then get to draw 2 envelopes, if they say James Wood you get the keys and the cash . All proceeds are going to the Cinnamon Creek Archery Development Inc. Designed to help children and young adults into the introduction and education of Archery