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    Default Troubles with sights

    I have a Mathews DXT and Sword 5-pin sights. It is set at 68lbs. My pins are pretty much bottomed out and the entire bracket for my up and down is almost all the way down. What can I do to get either the pins or the bracket up some. I would like to set my pins at 20,30,40,50, & 60. Because they are so low, I'm not able to do this. Is there any thing that I can do with my rest, pounds, or maybe moving my peep? Any info would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like you anchor high on your face. My advice would be to go to a shop or club and have someone work with you. It's tough to diagnose on the internet. To get the pinguard up you'll have to anchor lower and raise your peep.
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