Late 2009 my now ex bro. inlaw wanted to teach me the ropes. Got the bow, Shot the bow about a dozen times then found out he was going to be the Exbro. I have realtree camo'd out bow, 70lb with accy's. I believe draw is 29.5 I want it to go as a package. Has Flashpoint sight w/7 fiber optic pins, Rip cord rest, Hi tek stabilizer, Stokerized stabilizer, limbsaver stabilizer, and I believe an old doinker. Bowstring wax, cam oil, arrow release, braided wrist strap, dozen plus Easton carbon ST Excel 340 arrows, used pack of slick trick broad heads, half dozen field points, arrow box, bow bag, Scott release and Bohning broadhead tool. Bow is like new. Hope someone can put it to its intended use.