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    Default Need help please

    I really don't want to keep beating the dead horse but I'm brand new to this forum and to the world of archery. I know a lot about firearms but need a new challenge. I have purchased a bow it is a 60lb traditional longbow, 29 inch draw and it is 148 cm in length. I am planning on using this for mainly small game from jack rabbits all the way up to the occasional bobcat and yote. I guess my main question to you is hat weight arrow would y'all suggest and what material should it be made of. Like I said I'm new and I'm going to try out several I just need to know where to start. Thanks

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    I would start with either a 2117 or a 2219 aluminum arrow with a 125 gr. the 2219 will be the heavier shaft but I would have it cut a little longer than if you went with a 2117 so you have some room to play with spine. get 4 or 5 inch feathers for fletching. I would shoot for at least 9 grains of arrow weight for each pound of draw weight, so 9 x 60 = 540 or thereabouts. if you come in a llittle under thats ok. you're starting with a pretty heavy draw weight to learn with so I would recommend going pretty slow. when you feel yourself getting tired stop shooting and allow your muscles to recover so you dont start developing bad habits. good luck and let us know how it goes.

    as far as arrows go I would look at Easton Gamegetters or Camo Hunters.

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    If it's an older bow, I would use the aluminums as J.C. suggested. If it something newer, does the manufacturer have a minimum weight-per-pound?
    Aluminum arrows are still the best bargan out there, and they weight enough to be kind to the bow limbs. But if you have that something newer, you may be able to go lighter/faster, especially on small game.
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    Thanks for all the good information and the quick replies I picked up some aluminum 2117 that I'm going to try out. It is a new bow that I'm using I will let y'all know how it goes thanks again

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