My first published book, "The Puzzled Archer" is now available for purchase on!

It is a book of Puzzles about Archery, do not have to know a lot about archery in order to complete the puzzles. There is a narrative before each puzzle in the book that talks about what each puzzle is about.

You "cruciverbalists", "word searchers", and word unscramblers should have a good time solving the puzzles. This is definitely something different.

Here is the link to Amazon so that you can purchase the book, should you desire to do so: or
Since this is my first book to be published, I sure would appreciate it If you would post a review on Amazon. It will be a big help, since we need the feedback.

I've already started work on Volume 2. In addition, there will soon be a book entitled "ProActive Archery" coming out soon. We are nearly done with the 1st revision phase, so it shouldn't be much longer before publication.

I hope that those of you who choose to purchase the book enjoy it.

Thanks for any and all support.

Tom Dorigatti (field14)