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    Default looking for some equipment help

    Hello. I'm 100% new to archery. I plan on going to a local archery safety class soon. My GF is just as excited about it as I am. I've been trying to get a list together of equipment to buy for us.

    I've read around and the Genesis bows seem to be a popular starter bow. Personally, I'd like something with a little more power since I'm quick to learn pretty much everything I pick up. I noticed the Genesis Pro has up to a 25lb draw weight, which isn't much higher, but I don't know if it can be shared like the standard bow says. I also read a review or two that mentions the Pro doesn't come with an arrow rest.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it very much. I'd like to stick with something we can both use if possible till we can afford a second bow, but I'm open to any thoughts. I'm trying to get a list of necessities together on or something. I really have no clue clue at to look for or what to stay away from. Lol

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    I see the Genesis is over $200. you could buy a couple of starter recurve bows in different draw weights so you could each have your own for less money than that.

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    I guess the first thing I would decide is if you want to commmit to a recurve/longbow or not; obviously you're not going to be able to share a compound very well. They are very different animals. I think I would look for something about 35# if you both want to use it.
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    I would look at the Mission Craze or Mission Riot offerings. Both have a huge range of adjustability for both draw weight and length. Neither has to be pressed to change draw length, which is as simple as removing an allen and rotating the module a little. My 26 year old son's Riot will adjust so that my 11 year old daughter can shoot it. The Craze is $299 brand spanking, and the Riot is a bill higher. Both can be had "bow only" or as a complete package. All that you would need then would be arrows and a release...

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    You may be able to find a couple of used compounds that will meet your needs look on ebay and stuff like that

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