I am selling my Pse evo because I fell in love with target shooting and I need more of a "target bow" So here we are.
It is a 60lb bow that maxed at 63lbs.
It has a skullz riser and black limbs.
32.5in a2a
6in brace height
Draw length goes from 25.5in-30.5in
It some scratches on the riser where my arrow rest was and my v-bar used to be but nothing that gray car paint wouldn't fix.

The accessories are a 12in b-stinger stabilizer with an 11oz weight.
And a limb driver pro-v arrow rest.

Prices are:
$650 for the bow tyd.
$700 for the bow,the rest and the stabilizer.
$35 for the stabilizer
$45 for the arrow rest
I am very willing to take haggle.