Gee LC was that back in the fifties or what ? .............................................

I want to be working , so no one will be thinking that " yours truly " is a " VICTIM " .
, such as in that 47 % that you hear about on TV and appear on such shows as " Jerry Springer " !

I got less than a week left , been fun watching those two clowns on TV debate ( presidental candidates , for the misinformed here ) !

I get to go back to a new four year contract at work with a raise and no change in our great benefits ( at least for slaves ) !

Did I ever tell you all , that my son , who had to play football and run track at college to pay for college , just changed jobs about 5 months back ! He had a good job ( great compared to " yours truly " ) and now his new boss that offerred him alot more money , will have an food brunch bar open from 8 AM = 2.30 PM everyday !

They can even have keg beer in the afternoon and have company cell phones ( next thing you know they'll have company vehicles , such as Hutch and others here do ) !

I could go on and on , but have to admit that my youngest two kids , age 36 and 31 ( you don't even want to know about the youingest ) , have done very well !

All three of my children are employed , married , have children and are tax paying folks !

Now you know and you are !