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answer my question time.

My great great great Grandfather has a hard working man that immigrated over from Europe to this God forsakin cold ass 8 months of winter and 4 months of preparing for winter land here in the horn of michigan. Only to slave his days away with cold fingers and snot running from his nose.

West-T great great great Grandfather stole 2 sheep and a bottle of whiskey and got sent to a tropical paradise where he gladly give up his sheep habit, sleep on the beach and watch half naked women run around all the while drinkin fruity drinks.

WTH????? I don't get it????

Someone please explain?
Long Answer : My Great Great grandfather never did anything with a sheep unlike others here!!!He and his Brother were Enginneers whom were sent to Australia by the Cathlic Church to build the 1st Cathlic church in Oz outside Sydney!!http://www.stmaryscathedral.org.au/ and we have never stopped building or so they say!!!!!

Short Answer: