I am new to the site, and recently rejoined the 3D circuit after taking about the last 10 years off due to life. I am currently shooting about a 15 yr old Hoyt Enticer, Sure-loc sight with Super D scope, 4 finger Stan release, and trap door rest. I am in the market for a new 3D bow, and need some info on the Hoyt Elite Series bows. Can someone help explain the differences between the Contender Elite, Ultra Elite, Alpha Elite, Pro Elite, and Vantage Elite. What are the best cam set ups for shooting 3D, and XT2000 vs. XT3000 limbs??? Also, I have options to buy some 2008-2010 models, and was wondering if there are any significant changes from them to the current models. Any and all help would be great. Thanks guys, and I will be at the MAC shoot tomorrow in Freeport, IL if anyone is going!