Looking to get the BEST bowstrings for your hard earned money and for your bow. We at Extreme Bowstrings are going on 7 years now and we can take care of all your archery strings and accessories needs. We only use the best materials from Brownell and BCY with lots of different colors to choose from and we also offer you your choice of serving to match your string colors.
Materials we currently offer are TS Plus, Ultra Cam, B50, Xcel, Astro Flight, 452x and 8190.
Our website www.extremebowstrings.com is open 24-7 for any time you need to get your string or strings ordered.
All strings are 100% pre-stretched and are made to be best string you can put on your bow.
Check us out at www.extremebowstrings.com or give us a call at 402-750-9621 and we are located in Nebraska.
Prices vary depending on which model bow you have.