A big thank you to everyone for the ideas and input. We tried to put some ideas together to make an exciting one day shoot with a 1st place prize of a $1000. A place for pro's, semi-pro's and future pro's to have a great competition for a day with an awesome shoot off.

Unfortunately, the interest in the shoot was just not there. Not sure if it was the timing of the shoot with some state championships going on, the 300 fps speed limit, or exactly what.

A big thank you to Barn Burner strings stepping up to bat for us an offering free strings and to pay someone's entry fee. Your support was greatly appreciated!!!

A big thank you to babyk, deck and Barn Burner for keeping the post at the top of the page for us as well.

I don't know what next year will bring but I know this, South Central Archery wants to have some big money shoots. We cant hold 1300 shooters like metropolis but we can handle 50,100 or 150 of the best who want to play. We will scratch our heads and see what we come up with.

Again, thanks to everyone for the ideas. We tried, it didn't work but we will try again.

Erik Sullens