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    Default Clan Gordon Recurve

    Hey everyone I'm still new to the world of archery so I know very little about brands and such. I recently got a Clan Gordon Royal Huntsman with bo-kore recurve I don't how to add pictures but it is in good condition I just know nothing about it. I have looked everywhere online to find any information on it but I have been completely unsuccessful. Does anyone know where I can find information on the manufacture. I'm not looking to sell it I am going to hopefully use it after I get it looked over. Any information would be awesome. Thanks

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    your bow was made by Gordon Plastics back in the early 60's. they stopped making their own bows not long after that but they still provide alot of fiberglass to the archery industry.

    here's a couple of links with some more info.;f=14;t=000826

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