Dates: August 6 through September 14 (6 weeks)

Cost: Member Adult (18 and up) $20

Non-Member Adults $25

Member Youth (12-14)/Young Adult (15-17) $10

Non-member Youth/YA $15

Cub (under 12) Free

Contact: Nate or Terri

Distances: Adults & Young Adults (ages 15-17) 10 yds. - 60 yds.; Youth (ages 12-14) 10 yds. - 50 yds.; Cub (ages 11 & under) 20 ft. - 30 yds.

Traditional Class: You will have the choice of shooting from the animal stakes (60 yds. max.) or the youth stakes (50 yds max.). Just shoot from the same stake for the duration of the league. NFAA allows this for shoots lower than Sectionals.

Times: As convenient, might post when club member available

Trophies: Not awarded. Pure fun league.

Ranges used: Red and White each week

Target Face used: Animal

Note: Will shoot full round (28 targets) each week
Special Instructions: see tab for the league

What is an Animal Field Round?

ďA field round is a challenging course, generally placed in a woods, in varying terrain, at different distances from target to target.

There are a few basic differences between field archery and most 3-D courses. Most notably, that field courses have marked yardages." The targets are drawn pictures of various animals. You shoot 1-3 arrows at each target. Some of the shooting positions let you shoot all arrows from one marked stake; some shooting positions have stakes at three different positions where you walk toward the target on each shot. The standard NFAA animal round has distances that vary from 10 yards to 60 yards. There are four different size faces, the further the target, the bigger the target. The idea is that it teaches you to aim at a spot and will make a better all around archer out of you. Now the younger folks get a break. If you're under 15, your longest distance is 50 yards; if you're under 12, the longest range is 30 yards.

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