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    Default bow madness v.s bow madness 3G

    Just wondering if anyone has shot these bows, and if so how much difference is there between them. Thank for any info!

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    I havent shot either one but thought I would say welcome to the forum.

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    I have had the 2010 bow madness and have also shot the 3g and other than the draw cycle the 3g is a little better. IMO the regular bow madness has a better draw cycle

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    Thanks J.C, I'm really looking at the 3G but just wanted to know if it was worth the extra money of getting a 2012. I can get the 2011 for a lot less! Going from mathews to pse.

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    Yes, the 3G has caught my eye too! I wonder if it would be a good 3-D bow. It looks like it would be. I've been shooting a mathews M7 monster for 3-D. The monster shoots really good, but it's a tad bit heavy. I'm curious also if the 3G would better for me than a Supra!
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    Well got the 3G and i love it. Sweet bow!

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